Pressure Systems

Recharge Kits Available

Poor Boy's Instrument, Inc.'s Pressure Systems are designed to provide a quick, accurate check of pressure. The systems are available in both single pointer and dual pointer (compound) versions. The single pointer system is available in pressure capacities up to 15,000 psi straight pressure or 20,000 psi 4:1 deboosted pressure. The single pointer gauge versions are available with coarse line increments for pump pressure applications and fine line increments for choke applications. The dual pointer compound pressure systems are available in straight pressure capacities up to 16,000 psi and have a vernier pointer on the gauge with a 4:1 resolution for extreme sensitivity to even the smallest pressure changes. Both types of systems come complete with 6" liquid filled gauge, bracket to mount gauge (on box mount version only), hose assembly, sensor assembly (diaphragm protector, 1:1 piston isolator, or debooster) and recharge kit consisting of hand pump and (1) qt. of instrument fluid.

Features for Single Pointer Pressure Systems:

Features for Dual Pointer Compound Pressure Systems:


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