Bear Weight Indicator is a division of Poor Boy's Instruments

An improved strain gauge device for attaching to the dead line which assures continued accuracy and dependability. This feature makes this weight indicator universally adaptable to all rigs, since special sub-floor anchoring devices are not required.

An improved instrument with one dial reading hook load, and a separate dial reading weight-on-bit directly. Either of these functions can be recorded through special outlet connections provided on the side of the instrument case.

An instrument which eliminates the disadvantages of hydraulic systems. There is no hydraulic fluid to spill, leak, trap air bubbles, or expand and contract with changing temperature.

An instrument employing a dynamic force-balance system operated by air, which is not affected by changes in atmospheric temperature, operates at 60 psi from dependable rig air supply and uses only 0.2 cu. ft. per mintue.

An instrument inherently providing longer trouble free service of the gauge movements. Air actuation provides gentle, positive and accurate positioning of the gauge parts as contrasted to the violent movement and shock inherent in hydraulic systems.

Available Models
Model Dials Line Types Line Sizes
A-2 50,000 lbs 6, 8, and 10 1", 1 1/8", and 1 1/4"
B-2 100,000 lbs 6, 8, and 10 1 1/4", 1 3/8", and 1 1/2"
AM-2 6 and 8 1" and 1 1/8"

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