Piston Isolators and Diaphragm Protectors

Poor Boy’s Instrument, Inc. offers its pressure transmitters in both a diaphragm type (Diaphragm Protector) and a piston type (1:1 Piston Isolator). Both units transmit the pressure signal in a 1:1 ratio. The Diaphragm Protector uses a rubber diaphragm to separate the well-fluid (cement, acid and mud) from the remote mounted gauge or recorder, offering economical protection. The 1:1 Piston Isolator uses both a rubber diaphragm and a piston to separate the well-fluid from the remote mounted gauge or recorder, offering double the protection. Both designs offer excellent protection from mud and other types of well-fluids that can damage or impair the proper operations and accuracy of pressure gauges and recorders.



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To request a quote for our Piston Isolator or Diaphragm Protector please click here or send an email which includes the options that meet the needs for you installation to sales@poorboysinstrument.com. Please do not send any non-public personal information. Please allow two business days for a response.