Hydro-Mech Style Rotary Torque Systems

Recharge Kits Available

Poor Boy's Instrument, Inc.'s Hydro-Mech Style Rotary Torque System delivers reliable torque measurements for mechanical rigs that use chain-driven rotary tables. The system is designed to help the driller during coring, milling, and reaming operations. The system also helps avoid twist-offs and increases bit life by showing the driller when the drill string is torquing to unsafe levels. System is comprised of a 6' liquid filled gauge complete with damper assembly in either box or panel mount version, 2 foot and 14 foot hoses with disconnect sets, idler assembly with wheel (specify size when ordering) and recharge kit consisting of hand pump and 1 quart of instrument fluid.



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Electric Torque Systems

Poor Boy's Instrument, Inc.'s Electric Torque system is engineered to provide years of accurate, reliable measurement of rotary torque on electric rigs. This system delivers accurate, precision performance and is easily installed. The basic System includes dual output current sensor with signal conditioner with donut style sensor and 150 ft. of cable with connectors. Optional E/P transducer and 5" meter also available.


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To request a quote for one of our Hydro-Mech Style Rotary Torque Systems please click here or send an email which includes the options that meet the needs for you installation to sales@poorboysinstrument.com. Please do not send any non-public personal information. Please allow two business days for a response.