Poor Boy's Instrumentation Inc., is dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible services and products to ensure that your oil rig is properly monitored and functioning. We understand that downtime for your rig costs you money, and that is why we put so much emphasis on quality products and prompt service.

We are here to meet your instrumentation needs. We offer the repair or replacement of weight indicators, recorders, auto drillers, air valves, SPM and RPM gauges, tach generators and other miscellaneous supplies.

Poor Boy's Instrumentation is located in Liberal, Kansas and is willing to go the distance to meet your needs. For information on how to contact us for a quote, technical support, or any questions please click here.

Bear Weight Indicators is a division of Poor Boy's Instruments Inc. Our indicators are known for providing longer trouble free service at a low starting cost. These systems utilizes air actuation to provide a more efficient and lower impact measuring technique, rather than the highly volitile hydraulic systems of the past. Please click here to see more information on our line of Bear Weight Indicators.